Savage Light Studios Services

Headshot Samples (link)




Head Shots

Unlike most companies, we have no limit on outfit changes or poses. Head shots will be presented to you in a dropbox folder and a snailmail delivered cd. These shots can be printed at Walmart, Walgreens, Costco or other places with a photo printing service for a small fee – we aren't going to make money off charging exorbitant fees for prints.

  • 90 minute shoot
  • Unlimited shots (as many as we get taken)
  • Provided with a disk via snail mail
  • Copies delivered via dropbox
  • No print fees

Shoots done in New Orleans, rates for travel vary

$75 – this is for a 90 minute shoot.




Comp Cards

Also known as a Composite Card. In the Modeling business, a Comp. card is a card usually 5x7 or even a page that has a model's photos on it, measurements, and contact information. Price for Comp Card design is if you already have the photos you want for the card – If you need photos for your comp card you will need to schedule a Head Shot shoot as well. Comp Cards are delivered the same way as Head Shots

  • Comp card designed from current photos
  • choose from several designs
  • Provided with disk via snail mail
  • Copies delivered via dropbox

$50 – For Comp Card Design.




Reel Services

We offer reel editing services for actors at an affordable cost. Before continuing, we recommend reading the following link – LINK. If, after reading that link, you need material recorded, see below.

Reel services package:

  • One on one meeting to discuss the project
  • Using our experience as film makers, we will select the best moments and edit the reel to best showcase your ability
  • Reel delivered via snail mail as file on disk and DVD format (two disks)
  • Final reel uploaded to Youtube
  • Add $35 for converting of each clip from DVD into an editable format
  • Add $10 for a disc with the digital file delivered via snail mail
  • Add $15 for a DVD format disk delivered via snail mail
  • 7 Day turnaround time. $100 additional for a 48 hour turnaround

$250+ - Reel Package




Audition Recording/Additional Recording

We offer recording services for additional reel material (in accordance with the link above) and audition recordings. SLS will record your auditions, provide you with a rendered copy on disk for you to upload to any site you need to upload it to, and upload it to Youtube for you.

  • Auditions recorded with lavalier mics for best sound quality available
  • Auditions recorded with professional lights against a neutral background
  • Rendering done during session
  • Additional material (per the link above) shot in New Orleans with appointment, Additional charges for travel (rates vary by location)
  • Auditions delivered on disk in several resolutions
  • Audition ploaded to Youtube
  • One hour session – additional time for nominal fee

$75 – One hour audition/additional recording

$35 – Each additional hour




Cinematography Services

Savage Light Studios is also a full service production house. We offer cinematography services for other productions. We have a complete cinematography package to meet almost every need and can rent what ever else is needed for a production. We have cameras, lights, mics, and the like. Rates will vary by length of shoot, what is being shot, what crew needs to be hired, whether or not we are using our own equipment, etc.

  • 3 canon dslr cameras
  • Lens Kits
  • Full lighting kit
  • Audio field recording kit

Contact to discuss rates




Script Doctor Services

Have a script that needs revision, correction, and updating? Savage Light Studios can help you get it production ready. This includes technical editing to ensure syntax, spelling, and script elements are correct as well as rewrites to ensure script continuity and dialogue flow. Rates vary based on a variety of factors – these questions will be asked when contacted for these services

  • Script Destination – Is this script bound for independent production (are you producing it yourself, or offering it up to an indie company for production)? Are you trying to sell it to a company for production? Are you trying to sell it to Hollywood?
  • Production Budget – If you are producing the script yourself, or with an independent film company – what is the budget of the film. (this seems invasive, but while we need to get paid, we want help out smaller companies and productions)
  • Page Count – This is important.
  • Preferred format is Celtx, but we can convert from .PDF for a $25 additional fee.

Typically $3 per original page of script – This is for scripts that are bound for indie production. Scripts that are bound for sale (or are sold in the future) will be bound by points on sale price to SLS Productions. Contact for additional details.




Script Breakdowns

Savage Light Studios offers script breakdown services. If you have a script that is ready for production, we will break them down for you. Breakdowns are an intrinsic part of the production process and can be overwhelming for some film makers. We offer breakdowns for any length of script.

  • Breakdowns offered in Celtx, Moviemagic, or PDF format.
  • Price includes converting to Moviemagic

$3 Per script page




Production Scheduling

Savage Light Studios can take the script that you have, break it down and schedule it for you. If you have a start date for your shoot, we can give you specific dates, or we can give you a day of days and each day broken down and scheduled using MovieMagic scheduling software.

$250 flat fee